Two New LONGS!!

The Winning Portfolio added NUGT and AGQ to its long portfolio. Long NUGT @ $23.00, AGQ @ $35.90


State of Affairs 3/24/2013

The Winning Portfolio has exited four trades thus far this year, taking profits of 104% on FSLR long, 41% on F long, 36% on AAPL short, and 67% on ANGI long.  It currently is holding eight positions, seven of which are in the green, and 1 currently is a losing position.  Three of the holdings are up over 100%!!!: GMCR long up 155%, NFLX up 210% and BBRY up 118%.  Other holdings include: DECK long up 49%, GRPN long up 44%, CCJ long up 24% AAPL long up 7% and the one losing trade – FB long down 9%.winning portfolio